currently working as a graphic
designer at Paradiso, AMS
while freelancing as a copywriter

For quite some time now, an increasing number of reports and allegations of (sexual) abuse have dominated the Dutch media coverage. Incidents between employees and the young talents of the talentshow ‘The Voice’ caused a heavy uproar, but when John de Mol (owner of production company Talpa) was interviewed about the case, he simply pointed his finger towards the victims, saying they should’ve reported it to the staff.
    While one classic example of victimblaming is dismal enough, several months later another TV show of de Mol found itself within discussion when TV presenter Johan Derksen shared a story on national TV about shoving a candle inside ‘an unconscious woman’. What follows were a lot of dissapointments from Derksen’s side, but no resignment. Today, he is still to be seen and heard on TV and radio. 

To turn my anger into something productive, I thought of this poster and organised my first guerilla campaign in the streets of Amsterdam. It roughly translates to: “The many lives of a white, cis-gender straight man on tv”

I asked people to print out this poster and hang ‘em up wherever they can; turning in some great results.

If you’d like to contribute, you can by downloading the poster here